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Personal Training Services

Whether you want to lose fat, shape up or get ready for competition, your goals are our goals - and our expert Personal Trainers will help you achieve them.

  • 1-on-1 training
  • Semi private training
  • Group private training
  • Nutritional & Supplementation plans

Sports Therapy Services

We’ve partnered with R. J Physiotherapy Clinic to bring you a premium quality physiotherapy service, located in Phoenix Gym and open to members and non-members alike.

Our physiotherapy clinic welcomes non-athletes, athletes as well as the weekend warrior. Our founders have been instrumental in the 2012 Olympics, London Marathon, Australia AFL and private practice.

Our centralised booking system creates an easy system for self referral. Our patients can have seamless access to care irrespective of whether they are in clinic or at home.

Here's what our customers are saying

Very local and welcoming gym. I'm training here for more than a year and couldn't be better. Good variety of mashines, very clean, good music, and great vibe. Super helpful staff, Rytis is helping and motivating me to achieve my goals in a healthy way. I have seen changes in my look, strength and also lifestyle. I will definitely recommend this gym.

Phoenix is not your avarage gym but a group of people all working towards their goals. It's a family, not a gym.

I have trained here for years and wouldn't go elsewhere, along my own journey I have seen so many others accomplish their goals and I believe it is key to be surrounded by people all chasing their goals.

Phoenix gym is what I think about when I think of the perfect gym. It quickly moved to the awesome energy and knowledge that you get from the trainers here, they are eager to help and will take time with you. Also they understand what you are striving for and they will get you there and further, while having fun. The classes are intense for every level athlete, and you will love diverse workout combinations. To top it off, it's where I want to be, and the people there are great.

Best gym I've ever joined! It's big enough to never be overcrowded and small enough to have a great community feel. Equipment is always in good condition and trainers always helpful. Great outdoor training area - something you can't get in all gyms.

Hi my name is Jack Fay I'm 24 and this is what I think of Phoenix gym. This gym ain't just any other gym to me, I class this place as home the people I've met there since I started training have helped me and shown me guidance when I needed it the most. The gym is located in such a beauty little community and easy to locate. The staff that work there are very kind and helping not to mention any advice you would need including any personal training or supplements. So yeag I would strongly recommend this gym to a member of public who wanted to get in shape and the right help to get to where they wanted to be, physically and mentally. Its just an outstanding gym. 

So how about you give it a shot hey? 

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